Thursday, June 09, 2005

Simple Thoughts on Being an Engineer

All I can say is heck, engineering is the best, despite the challenges, the ups and downs - the career is amazing. Given the opportunity and responsibility to do good, to do better and to think and invent and problem solve is ASTOUNDING.

I love problem solving, and I love doing good, where and when possible. When one has the chance to use one's noggin and innovate the feeling is GREAT, to collaborate with the best of one's peers is a blast.

When someone tells me something is tough, that the challenges are daunting or something does not work, I am like a dog given a bone, or more properly a pit bull given raw meat !

Read, assimilate, comtemplate and mull over -> then analyze and synthesize !

When everyone is doing something one way, and there are evident limitations, and reasons to do better, ask why of yourself and search for answers to possible improvements.

I never saw a paper nor patent that did not get me thinking in some way "Can one do better?". Yes virginia, brainstorming over tough problems - real problems, is fun !

Always when given the opportunity to work with folks far better than oneself, rise to the challenge, push yourself to do better, and collaborate profusely - as the best results and the best experiences come from TEAMWORK.

Ahh, the joys of engineering !


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