Saturday, February 18, 2006

Intel's Superb IC Manufacturing - the Best Bar None

hmm.. How many ways can one wax poetic upon the best in the business?

Intel's technical discipline, expertise, visionary technology developer, and overall well managed business is well known, but often misunderstood in the true depth of the astounding diversity of strengths.

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Despite minor ups and downs (no-one escapes this), Intel has an astounding track record in developing and manufacturing the worlds most advanced Integrated Ciruit microdevices of unprecedented density and speed, at unparalleled manufacturing volumes. Bar None.

While scientists are impressed by raw technology, notable is that Intel is not merely among the best, if not the best microfabrication technology development team in the world, but can turn visions of the future into tangible reality, on a manufacturing scale no other firm in the IC industry can replicate in the slightest. And never stop at drive to improve performance on a scale others cannot come close to.

Intel's list of worlds firsts in novel technology, starts long ago with the now forgotten 1103 nMOS Dram memory - a 256 bit memory built on 2 inch silicon wafers.

A little known fact about the then revolutionary 1103, is that this 1st MOS memory device was the key to the revolution in GUI Personal Computers - it was the system memory device used in the Xerox PARC Alto graphical interface computer, the conceptual foundation of the personal computing paradigm in use today.

The seeds of Intel's success were found in the tenacity of Intel's team in the days of the 1103 - a take no prisoners approach to process problem solving, to make the promise of dense MOS digital devices a tangible commercial reality, beyond visions in theoretical papers. The struggle for yield in the early days of this key device was indeed a struggle and a test of team character.

There was one person who made all the difference in the 1103's early yield improvement - persisting in the face of challenges, and all kinds of pressures. He knows who he is, a modest, friendly and unassuming fellow who put the critical yield improvement brick into place that let the 1103 find its success. The future astounding commercial success of MOS IC technology followed, with the proof of the 1103's market storm, revolutionizing both dense computer memory technology and computers themselves.

Aside from the 1st commercially successful MOS devices, the 1st microprocessor, and the first EPROM (electrically programmable ROM) there are a multitude of device and product technology firsts, born from this unquestioned leader of the industry.

The evolution of MOS technology has largely been driven by Intel's vision and drive to suceed, focused, persistent, and relentless in intent. And may they keep at it, into the age of Nano now upon us, with all the success due the firm and its hardworking, astoundingly talented employees and management team.


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