Thursday, December 15, 2005

Prospects for Nanoimprint Lithography in IC fab

Aside from the obvious fact of the advantages of the Molecular Imprints technology for nanoimprint ( from UT Austin ), the primary limiter for possible success of nanoimprint litho in near mainstream IC fabrication, is in the mask fabrication infrastructure for the sub 50nm ( typical 30-40nm ) features to make the technology transition worthwhile for commercial manufacturers stuck with expensive working DUV technology.

Any effort to commercialize nanoimproint litho is critically dependent on customers ease of finding sources for the small feature 1x NIL masks in a timely fashion.

And the most difficult aspect to make the ultimate in small features in quartz is that most RIE processes and etchers, designed for use with conductive substrates, and needing to generate surface biases to critically assist in etching the SiO2 of the Quartz NIL mask, do not generate adequate surface potentials due to capacitive coupling through the 1/4" quartz....

A quandry - and what to do????

there has to be some kind of solution to this technical challenge ???


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