Saturday, October 07, 2006

Innovation in Ethanol ( to the chagrin of the Oil Drum Cabal )

This excellent article at Wired magazine by Khosla, indicates more in depth about a very promising means to make cellulosic ethanol viable, very quickly and to a degree that will gain momentum in automobile fueling, with critical mass in the marketplace.

Khosla's bet on his recent startup investment Kergy and its Ethanol manufacturing process technology is spot on - a better process from Robert. E. (Bud) Klepper, that will move this dream of Ethanol to a viable and commercially competitive fuel alternative.

Innovation of Substance in Process Technology will rule the day. And may we see long overdue heartburn in Houston, Riyadh [possibly montana too?] over this... or at the minumum, a nice healthy drop in oil prices... Competition is good.

See this post at VentureBeat ( the new blog by Matt Marshall, formerly of SiliconBeat )

My sincerest condolences to the Oil Drum . Oil Drummers are welcome to change horses any time, even if there might be some embarrassment in doing so.

The spirit of Innovation will move markets and change paradigms, even reduce greenhouse gases and make the formerly impossible become possible.


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