Monday, April 07, 2008

Possible Light at the End of the MRSA tunnel ?

here are some recent news releases about a strategy to possibly treat MRSA using extracts from Alligator blood. Now that would be neat ! Only hints of a strategy as yet but the old gators might have something to help out on the war on MRSA.

Alligator blood may beat MRSA

Alligator Blood May Put The Bite On Antibiotic-resistant Infections

Alligators To The Rescue

Alligator Blood May Lead to Powerful New Antibiotics

and here is the PI researcher

Mark Merchant at McNeese Univeristy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat Ryan of Ryan Notes, the silicon industry's primary market price and size reporter, has not found a single source of UMG. What is it with Elkem? they may be real, or they may fail. but there are dozens of scams being promoted like Timminco Limited. can you comment?

8:44 PM  

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