Sunday, April 06, 2008

When is the Tipping Point on Gas Prices ?

An interesting question to ask is - at what price level for US average Gasoline prices at the pump will serve to catalyze a change in automobile fueling? To biofuels or otherwise, that may render significant changes in the marketplace.

Will this take 5 dollar gasoline which is approaching with almost inevitability? Will industry - fueling and vehicle manufacturers actually react in a timely manner to make the most of the potential market opportunity? That biofuel manufacturers might have sufficient supplies of compatible fuels, or vehicles and fueling stations for alternative fuel vehicles might be available in sufficient quantity to have a material effect in providing a solution to power the economy?

Something to think about.

Visible speed of change in the market is presently slow, but will there be a solution in time to avoid an otherwise possible brake to the general economy? or a catalyst to a new vehicle and fueling infrastructure that takes up the slack?

not an idle question......


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