Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Who was this Famously Accomplished Computer Designer

1] Who is this most accomplished CPU designer,

2] How many computer firms did he take part in, ( and the cities where he did his work )
SPERRY /UNIVAC, CDC - Control Data, Cray Research and Cray Computer - 4, mostly minneapolis, Chippewa Falls WI, and Colorado Springs Colorado

3] What was he most famous for in a particular feature of his hallmark computer architecture, -
Vector Floating Point Arithmetic units - SIMD - Single Instruction Multiple Data (the basic element to early supercomputing)

4] What unusual method did he have of CPU design methodology, -
circuit designs were written up as boolean equations both for custom ICs and for each circuit card in the computer, and field engineers never had classic schematics - just pin assigments to the boolean logics descriptions of computer cards

5] What were the sad tragic circumstances of his unfortunate passing.
He was killed in a triple rollover of his Jeep Cherokee when hit by a drunk driver crossing headon into his lane in Colorado. The Jeep Cherokee he was driving had as standard for this vehicle no support for the roof that could sustain a rollover force (nor any custom rollbars). The roof was crushed and he sustained brain damage contributing to his death from the crash. Absolute tragedy of monumental proportions.


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