Thursday, March 23, 2006

Japan's NIM - National Institute for Materials - is Amazing

This Japanese National lab's Nanomaterials research web site is astounding.

Covers everything soup to nuts in just about anything nano materials related of substance. (I'll point out that those getting RSS feeds on PDAs might need a PC to get past the flash front page.) Most NIMS labs 10+? seem to have the requisite Scanning Probe Microscope. Each and every group has a narrow enough project focus complemented by notable bench depth of staff to persue their work with vigor.

There is enough description of each groups work to get a good understanding of the their respective emphasis of the research work.

I will be reading more from their pages in the coming weeks and will post interesting highlights.

From the quick glance I have taken, it reminds me of what Bell Labs used to be, but with the focus on anything and everything in nanomaterials - where the real action is in nano today.

As to more trendy nano PR - this has NONE - the research is ALL meat and potatoes.



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