Sunday, March 19, 2006

CBC's Chasing the Cancer Answer - Wendy Mesley

CBC - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation posted an excellent series on Cancer called Chasing the Cancer Answers on March 5th 2006. Notable are the questions asked about prevention and the business of cancer. While the press more commonly obsesses about prospects for cures by new technology, this series is more down to earth in focus on possible causes and other interesting dynamics.

Here are the direct links to the articles

Chasing the cancer answer
Is cancer in our blood?
How blaming the patient is easier than prevention
The big business of cancer drugs and treatments
Consumer tips: Carcinogens to watch for
Key cancer questions in the chase for answers
Series Credits

And for a hint at how a major advance in cancer treatment is coming in the next few years - see these prior posts of mine on ADHEREX Technology, a spin off of McGill University. Adherex is a firm developing a novel cadherin (cell adhesion) based cancer treatment using their ADH-1 pharma compound.

Safe, effective, and fast acting in melting a portion of soft tissue tumor blood vessels (of tumors that have the n-cadherin marker), that appear to not be treated by conventional chemo.

In combo with conventional Chemo, ADH-1 holds unusual promise to lick cancer dead where thought impossible. Early preclincal combo tests, aside from advances in more typical tumors, demonstrated unusual promise against the otherwise untreateable melanoma.

My personal recommendation is that anyone having real challenges in the battle with cancer, consider enrolling in the upcoming combo therapy trials of Adherex's ADH-1. Contact the firm for more info, as of Jan 2007 this is in planning stages.




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