Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Adherex Announces Phase IIb Expansion of ADH-1 Combination Study in Melanoma

Press ReleaseSource: Adherex Technologies Inc.

Adherex Announces Phase IIb Expansion of ADH-1 Combination Study in Melanoma
Thursday January 17, 4:40 pm ET

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NORTH CAROLINA--(MARKET WIRE)--Jan 17, 2008 -- Adherex Technologies Inc. (Toronto:AHX.TO - News)(AMEX:ADH - News), a biopharmaceutical company with a broad portfolio of oncology products under development, today announced that it has completed patient enrollment in the Phase I portion of the clinical trial of systemic ADH-1 in combination with isolated limb infusion melphalan and is proceeding with a multi-institutional Phase IIb expansion of the study.

"We have completed the Phase I portion of this study at Duke with a satisfactory safety profile at all three ADH-1 doses tested and initial tumor response data that have exceeded our expectations based upon the center's historical experience with mephalan alone," said William P. Peters, MD, PhD, Chairman and CEO of Adherex. "However, while positive, we consider the data to be early and limited both in terms of the number of patients and the length of follow-up. We have therefore decided to expand the trial to provide additional patients and more information for planning potential pivotal trials."

The Company plans to expand the clinical trial of systemic ADH-1 in combination with isolated limb infusion melphalan for the treatment of melanoma by up to 25 additional patients. Further, the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas has been added as an additional clinical trial site to gain multi-institutional experience. This Phase IIb expansion of the trial is anticipated to complete patient accrual by approximately mid-2008 and data will be released at an appropriate scientific venue.

About Adherex Technologies

Adherex Technologies Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel cancer therapeutics. We aim to be a leader in developing innovative treatments that address important unmet medical needs in cancer. We currently have multiple products in the clinical stage of development, including eniluracil, ADH-1 and sodium thiosulfate (STS). Eniluracil, an oral dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase (DPD) inhibitor, was previously under development by GlaxoSmithKline for oncology indications. ADH-1, our lead biotechnology compound, selectively targets N-cadherin, a protein present on certain tumor cells and established blood vessels that feed solid tumors. STS, a drug from our specialty pharmaceuticals pipeline, protects against the disabling hearing loss that can often result from treatment with platinum-based chemotherapy drugs. With a diversified portfolio of unique preclinical and clinical-stage cancer compounds and a management team with expertise in identifying, developing and commercializing novel cancer therapeutics, Adherex is emerging as a pioneering oncology company. For more information, please visit our website at

This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve significant risks and uncertainties. The actual results, performance or achievements of the Company might differ materially from the results, performance or achievements of the Company expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking statements include, without limitation, those regarding the development plans of the Company and the expected timing or results of our development. We can provide no assurance that the development will proceed as currently anticipated or that the expected timing or results of the development will be realized. We are subject to various risks, including the uncertainties of clinical trials, drug development and regulatory review, the early stage of our product candidates, our reliance on collaborative partners, our need for additional capital to fund our operations, our history of losses, and other risks inherent to the biopharmaceutical industry. For a more detailed discussion of related risk factors, please refer to our public filings available at and

Adherex Technologies Inc.
D. Scott Murray
Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

Source: Adherex Technologies Inc.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

PhotoTechEDU Digital Photography Technology Short Course Videos - Google Tech Talks on YouTube

Here is a series of video classes given at Google campus covering many subjects in Digital Photography and Imaging - the class series is called PhotoTechEDU - online at YouTube - in the Google Tech Talk topical section.

This series of engineering grade lectures covers in depth many aspects of digital imaging, image processing/ editing and photography.

The main entry to all of Google Tech Talks is linked above in the blog post title

The YouTube PhotoTechEDU videos are linked below .... you will need a broadband connection

PhotoTechEDU Day 1: Photo Technology Overview

PhotoTechEDU Day 2: Photo Technology Overview Continued
PhotoTechEDU Day 3: Ray Tracing, Lenses, and Mirrors
PhotoTechEDU Day 4: Contrast, MTF, Flare, and Noise
PhotoTechEDU Day 5: Silicon Image Sensors
PhotoTechEDU Day 6: Digital Camera Image Processing...
PhotoTechEDU Day 7: Lossy Image Compression
PhotoTechEDU Day 8: Diffraction and Interference in Imaging
PhotoTechEDU Day 9: Amateur Astrophotography
PhotoTechEDU Day 10: Image Compression Part 2
PhotoTechEDU Day 11: Document Image Analysis with Leptonica
PhotoTechEDU Day 12: High Dynamic Range Image Capture
PhotoTechEDU Day 14: Exposing Digital Forgeries from...
PhotoTechEDU Day 16: Multi-viewpoint Mosaics
PhotoTechEDU Day 18: Non-destructive, Selective, Editing...
PhotoTechEDU Day 19: Inkjet printing...
PhotoTechEDU Day 22: Measuring, Interpreting and...
PhotoTechEDU Day23: Raw Files and Formats
PhotoTechEDU Day 25: Open-source-based high-resolution...
PhotoTechEDU Day 26: Image quality testing and...
PhotoTechEDU Day27: Focus on Resolution
PhotoTechEDU Day 28: "Capturing more Light": Pragmatic...
PhotoTechEDU Day 29: Photographing VR Panoramas
PhotoTechEDU Day 30: Imaging optics for the next decade
PhotoTechEDU Day 31 - Color Balance: Babies, Rugs & Sunsets

Monday, January 21, 2008

CleanTech Google Tech Talks on YouTube

Here is a partial list of videos of interesting presentations given at Google on various topics related to Clean Technologies. Makes for fascinating viewing from the numerous thought provoking speakers.

If one has access to a broadband connection be sure to have a look at these talks.

The page title link is to the entire topics of Google campus Tech Talks - with an emphasis on software, but covering many fascinating subject materials.

The talks liked below are those I have found so far that relate to clean technologies.

Biofuels: Think Outside The Barrel Vinod Khosla

Learn about Solar Energy and Solar Panel Installation...

Electricity use and efficiency of servers and data centers: A review of recen...

Geoengineering Earth's Climate

Should Google Go Nuclear? Clean, cheap, nuclear power...

Electricity from Orbit: The case for R & D

Windbelt Cheap Generator Alternative

My own solar system: Installing solar panels at my house

Climate Change and Health

Ocean Wave Energy

Tango EV Electric Sports Car

Fission is the new fire

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Shames Mountain the Place Where POWDER Snow Falls Profusely

So if you are a real powder hound snow skier and lust after the fluffy white stuff, unfettered by long lines or crowds, and are able to revel in amazing vistas and superb slopes, check out Shames Mountain in Terrace British Columbia, where snow falls even when further south it does not.

Here is an excellent blog showing hints of the astounding ski runs

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