Thursday, December 15, 2005

Cadherins and Looming Revolution in Cancer Treatment ( Adherex )

A little known but critical technical advance in the treatment / shrinkage of solid tumors is currently in development by a very small but very talented firm that is the merger of a McGill university spinoff and a firm ( Oxiquant ) founded by more experienced cancer treatment physicians.

Adherex Technology, originally from McGill has been working on its methods for applying cell adhesion compounds to safe and selective destruction of tumor vasculature.

Where is the significance one might ask? Plenty and it is not "run of the mill me too"....

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A rare drug candidate that has exceptional tumor selectivity, fast acting 30 minute basic effect on the particular ( n-cadherin ) marked soft tissue tumors, and what appears to be no upper dose limit to onset of toxicity found ( the ADH-1 compound is normally made in small amounts by the body ), and the compound is safely metabolized quickly in 4 hours with no traces found therafter.

Susceptible n-cadherin marked tumors can exhibit onset of safe tumor necrosis in 30 minutes of the ADH-1 compound being administered.

Sorry there is little press on the firm, but this comes from the fact that in Canada most of the press online is by subscriber only and archives are accessable only for fee and not google indexed.

As a result, few know about this looming revolution in cancer therapy, that is going to take the world by storm in a few years as it progresses through FDA trials. ( currently completed Phase 1 and into Phase 1B / 2 concurrently ) Phase 1 showed both tumor shrinkage and no side effects what so ever )

Besides this novel ADH-1 chemistry, Adherex is also engaged in developing an improvement to the chemotherapy agent 5FU to increase the probability of being orally adminstered, and improve patient endpoints, and reduce side effects, after eyeing a failure in Glaxo's efforts to do the same, and seeing where they could remedy the percieved errors in prior implementations.

Key technologists include Adherex co-founder Prof. Orest Blaschuk of McGill Urology and Dr. William Peters, president of Adherex.

Watch for this one.

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article-on-genesis-of-adherex on AMEX and on toronto


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